bigeminal pulse

bigeminal pulse
medicine : a pulse characterized by two beats close together with a pause following each pair of beats

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  • bigeminal pulse — a pulse in which beats occur as two in rapid succession separated from the following pair by a longer interval; it is usually related to regularly occurring ventricular premature beats …   Medical dictionary

  • bigeminal — bi·gem·i·nal (bī jĕmʹə nəl) adj. Occurring in pairs; doubled or twinned: a bigeminal pulse.   [Possibly from Late Latin bigeminus, doubled : Latin bi , two; see bi 1 + Latin geminus, double.] * * * …   Universalium

  • bigeminal — 1. adjective Occurring in pairs; doubled or twinned. a bigeminal pulse 2. noun The occurrence of premature atrial or ventricular heartbeats in pairs …   Wiktionary

  • bigeminal — adjective occurring in pairs a bigeminal pulse • Similar to: ↑multiple …   Useful english dictionary

  • Pulse — The rhythmic dilation of an artery resulting from beating of the heart. It is often measured by feeling the arteries of the wrist. * * * Rhythmic dilation of an artery, produced by the increased volume of blood thrown into the vessel by the… …   Medical dictionary

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  • pulsus bigeminus — bigeminal pulse …   Medical dictionary

  • bigeminy — Pairing; especially, the occurrence of heart beats in pairs. SYN: bigemini. [bi + L. geminus, twin] atrial b. pairing of atrial beats, as when an atrial extrasystole is coupled to each sinus beat. atrioventricular junctional b. paired beats, each …   Medical dictionary

  • pulsus — SYN: pulse. [L. a stroke, pulse] p. abdominalis SYN: abdominal pulse. p. alternans SYN: alternating pulse. p. anadicrotus SYN: anacrotic pulse. p. bigeminus SYN: bigeminal pulse. p. bisferiens SYN: bisferious pulse. p. caprisans a bounding… …   Medical dictionary

  • bigemina — SYN: bigeminal pulse. * * * bi·gem·i·na (bi jemґĭ nə) plural of bigeminum. bigeminal pulse …   Medical dictionary

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